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One quick and non expensive way you can help the bees is by becoming a beekeeper! Learn the amazing ways of the bees and produce your own honey! Contact us now for more information! Learn More

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Become a Bee Sponsor

Like to have bees in your garden? Become a bee sponsor and you can help the local bee population and benefit from some local honey, click below for more information.

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Helping the Environment

Helping our Environment to Survive


Bees make the garden flourish and pollinate our food source.

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Placing a hive in an urban area actually has great benefits to both the residents and the bees. With the help of bees, nearby gardens can flourish and residents can have access to local honey.

Any gardener recognizes the value of pollinating insects. Various insects perform an essential service in the production of seed and fruit. The survival of plants depends on pollination, and the honey bee accounts for 80 percent of all pollination done by insects. Without the honey bee's services, more than a third of the fruits and vegetables that humans consume would be lost.