• Bees pollinate for us!

    Helping bees helps humans. The better environment we make for the bees the more chance they have of surviving and of continuing to pollinate our food chain.
  • Bees need protection!

    Viruses, pollution and pesticides are just some of the dangers that are faced by bees in their short and busy lives. Find out how you can help protect them!
  • Honey = Food & Medicine

    There are a number of ways that honey can be beneficial to us, not only as a natural and healthy food source but also as a medicinal factor for illnesses such as allergies.
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Sponsor a Beehive


Features of Sponsorship

It feels good to be able to give to a cause that is helping nature:

  • Help bees they are endangered.
  • Pollution and pesticides kill bees.
  • Their numbers are dwindling.
  • Help by being aware.
  • Sponsor a beehive.
  • Become a beekeeper.

Become a Beekeeper


What do you need?

Bees are strong, dependable but at the same time delicate. They have needs that need to be catered for. They have enemies that you must protect them from. To learn beekeeping is the best thing you can do to help the environment now and in the future. For help in seting up your own hive contact us.

More Information


Sponsoring Beehives Helps the Environment

  • Bee Hive on the roof at A R U in Cambridge UK

Beekeeping Gallery

Become a beekeper

  • Bees in Danger +

    British bees are in trouble, support them by doing the following:
  • How Do Bees Make Honey? +

    Bees take nectar, from flowers and mix it with enzymes from glands in their mouths. This nectar/enzyme mix is stored
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